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Syrian Army imposes fire control over terrorist stronghold in Aleppo City: map


The jihadist rebels of Fatah Halab are completely under siege in the eastern sector of Aleppo City, thanks in large part to the Syrian Arab Army’s seizure of the Al-Castillo Amusement Park that is located along the imperative highway.

Making matters worse for Fatah Halab, the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division, alongside the Republican Guard, captured almost 90 percent of the Al-Layramoun District on Monday, leaving only the Bus Station under jihadist control in the north.

Meanwhile, east of Al-Layramoun, another unit from the 4th Mechanized Division imposed fire control over the key district of Bani Za’id, marking the first time since late 2012 that the government forces have been able to establish a major presence there.

Should the Syrian Armed Forces capture the Bani Za’id District, they will be in position to attack the relatively untouched Dahret ‘Abdrubbah Quarter in the northern sector of the provincial capital.

With no access to any supply lines in east Aleppo, Fatah Halab will be forced to either fight their way out or pray for a deal that resembles the 2014 Old Homs agreement.

In the Winter of 2014, the jihadist rebels of Jabhat Al-Nusra were completely besieged inside the Old Homs District, leaving them at the mercy of the Syrian Arab Army’s 18th Tank Division and Republican Guard.

A deal was put in place that allowed for the government to take full control of the district, as long as they transported all of the militants from Homs City to a rebel controlled area in northern Syria; this scenario could very likely happen in east Aleppo.

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