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Syrian Army identifies 43 soldiers killed by US airstrikes in Deir Ezzor


On Thursday, Al-Masdar News was notified of the final death toll from the U.S. Coalition’s airstrikes over Jabal Thardeh on September 10th.

According to the 137th Artillery Brigade of the 17th Reserve Division, 106 bodies were discovered at Jabal Thardeh, with only 43 bodies identified among the dead.

The list of dead soldiers was given to Al-Masdar News on Thursday (below):

  1. Yousif Ahmad ‘Umrani (137th Brigade)
  2. Fadi ‘Umar Al-Jissri (137th Brigade)
  3. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Jassim (137th Brigade)
  4. ‘Abdel-Qader ‘Alaaddine Al-Saleh (123th Brigade)
  5. Isma’eel Salim Al-‘Aklah (123th Brigade)
  6. Ahmad Mahmoud Urfali (137th Brigade)
  7. Suleiman Hussein Al-‘Ali (123th Brigade)
  8. ‘Ali Al-Kurdi (123th Brigade)
  9. Rabe’a ‘Abdel-Kareem Al-Hussnawi (119th Regiment)
  10. Khaled Taleb Najjar (119th Regiment)
  11. Hani Dawoud Al-Shamali (119th Regiment)
  12. Sameh Isma’eel (119th Regiment)
  13. ‘Abdullah Hamadeh Al-‘Ali (119th Regiment)
  14. Majd Hussein Za’younah (119th Regiment)
  15. Lt. Samer ‘Ali Wahid (Border Guard)
  16. Kanaan Mahmoud ‘Abboud (Border Guard)
  17. ‘Ali Hussein Al-Ahmad (Border Guard)
  18. Wahid Yahya Tawlar Qaji (Border Guard)
  19. ‘Abdel-Malek Al-Mazal Al-Hussein (Border Guard)
  20. Lt. Mu’atez Ibrahim (30th Tank Division)
  21. ‘Abdel-Qader Mahmoud Hajj ‘Abdullah Farwati (30th Tank Division)
  22. Jama’ah Wahid Moussa (30th Tank Division)
  23. Wahid Kaylani (National Defense Forces)
  24. Suleiman Hussein Al-‘Abboud (National Defense Forces)
  25. Haytham Urfani (National Defense Forces)
  26. Firas Wahid Al-Hamwi bin Fatan (National Defense Forces)
  27. Samer Muski (National Defense Forces)
  28. Wahid Khayr Abu Hayalah (National Defense Forces)
  29. Fadi Mahmoud Sakr (National Defense Forces)
  30. Haytham Rashidi Jawanah (National Defense Forces)
  31. Jawad Faysal Mukarah (National Defense Forces)
  32. General Rami Wahid Riyad Rahmoun (Commander of Eastern Forces)
  33. ‘Ali Hammoud Hamadeh Al-Ahmad (7th Division)
  34. Qassem Zuheir Muhanna (243rd Unit)
  35. Wahid Mazeed Dawoud (243rd Unit)
  36. Wahid Sobhi Al-‘Abdullah (243rd Unit)
  37. Yousif Dahmoush Al-‘Ali (243rd Unit)
  38. Lt. Ayyoub Khaled Turkawi (17th Division Command)
  39. Lt. ‘Ammar Yasser Murhaj (17th Division Command)
  40. ‘Abdel-Majeed Ahmad Fawzi  (17th Division Command)
  41. Mahmoud Bassam Al-Khateeb (17th Division Command)
  42. Ahmad Saleh Al-Barghouth (17th Division Command)
  43. Suleiman ‘Abdel-Latif Wahid (17th Division Command)

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