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Syrian Army, Hezbollah to Launch Joint Operation against ISIL



A well-informed military source disclosed that the Syrian Army troops and the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movements are getting ready to carry out an imminent large-scale operation against ISIL in Central Syria.

The source said that the army troops and Hezbollah forces will participate in a massive operation in Central Syria as the de-escalation zones agreement frees up hundreds of fighters across the war-hit country to move to other areas.

Hezbollah fighters have accompanied vastly the army soldiers in anti-terrorism operations in Aleppo province and in Eastern Homs, the source underlined, adding that they have played very crucial role also in the restoration of security to the Syria-Lebanon borders.

Late in March, Hezbollah and the Syrian Army troops fended off a heavy offensive of the Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) in a town in Northwestern Damascus, killing a number of terrorists, including a commander.

Scores of Al-Nusra terrorists, including a field commander, were killed and many more were wounded in a failed attack on Syrian army position in Flitah town, Southwest of Wadi al-Oveini in Western Al-Qalamoun and East of Arsal mountain.

Hezbollah’s artillery and missile units also hit the terrorists’ positions in Wadi al-Khail and Wadi al-Dab in Arsal mountain.

After Hezbollah’s offensive, the Lebanese army also launched an artillery attack on the Al-Nusra positions in Arsal region as well.

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