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Syrian army, Hezbollah fighters purge terrorists from more areas

This road leads to south of Syria, where clashes are intensifying by day. Today Press TV’s team headed to a front line where Syrian army troops have made significant advances. A string of towns and their overlooking hills are the newly-secured areas around Damascus and Dara’a.

These writings on walls suggest they’ve been written by insurgents fighting along brigades made up of the so-called Free Syrian army and the Nusra Front.And it seems that the army commanders have decided not to have any lull in fighting as troops continue pounding terrorist positions around the captured towns.

Syrian army troops here in al-Habariya town continue to target foreign backed militants who are still positioned in Fatima hills in Damascus southwestern countryside.

An hour later, Fatima hills also fell to forces of the army, popular defense committees and Hezbollah fighters. The capture of Fatima hills provides joint forces with control over more high grounds in the region. Observers point to the importance of the rapid advance of the Syrian army units.

The newly-liberated areas are located in a strategic triangle of land that pins the countryside of Damascus, Daraa and al-Quneitra together. The army aims to break through militant supply lines which stretch from the Israeli occupied Golan and Jordanian borders into the depth of Syrian soil.

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