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Syrian army gains more grounds in fight against terrorists

Slowly but steadily the Syrian military units are pressing ahead in south of the country gaining more grounds in their fight against the militants.

The battle against foreign back insurgents in this area echoes far beyond these little towns that connects three Syrian regions: Qunaiter , Dara’ and Damascus countryside.

we are standing in ALHabaria town in Dara’a province in the southern parts of Syria , behind me you can see the town school and this school was destroyed because of the fighting . the Syrian military says that Anusra front the branch of AlQaeda in Syria. The army has taken this town with several others as part of its plan to secure the parameter of Damascus and end an Israeli plan to create a buffer zone between Israeli occupied parts of Syria and the rest of country.

As we drive through the newly retaken towns, pictures of destruction and the coming spring stand side by side. The fight will keep going on the hills in upcoming

Here in Tel Fatima that the troops just got in and immediately engineering units arrived to establish fortifications. No rest for the warriors – soldiers show us their next target.

Soon after, the anti- tank missiles start doing their work and reports come in of the enemies’ casualties.
There is little room for error in this battle. Syria’s chief of staff major general Ali Ayoub arrives to inspect the military units. Cameras weren’t allowed to record what Syria’s highest ranking officer told his commanders but it sure indicates the battle is not stopping.

The battle in the southern parts of Syria is not stopping for anything or anyone , the snow storm that just hit nor the rebels’ fortifications that they built over the past few months . It seems the Syrian army is persistent to take all the areas rebels have taken in the past few month.

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