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Syrian Army Foils Terrorist Attacks in Various Areas

The Syrian army and armed forces thwarted terrorist attacks, killed and injured terrorists in different areas of the country.

Deir Ezzor

The Army Air Force destroys ISIL hideouts and vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns in Huweijet Sakr and al-Mayadeen in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, leaving many of ISIL terrorists killed, according to a military source.


An army unit eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others east of Bouthaina hill in Sweida countryside.

Daraa/ Quneitra

Meanwhile, an army unit killed and injured a number of al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria al-Nusra Front terrorists in the villages of Abu Shitah and Rasem al-Khawaled in the countryside of the southern province of Quneitra.

Another army unit killed a number of terrorists and injured others to the north of al-Bitar farm at the surroundings of Atman town in the countryside of the southern province of Daraa.

Scores of al-Nusra and the so-called al-Muthana Islamic Movement terrorists were killed and their vehicles were destroyed to the north of the post building in Daraa al-Balad area.

An army unit carried out special operations against the terrorists’ movements on al-Sad- Sijin Garz road, destroying a vehicle, equipped with a heavy machinegun, and killing all terrorists onboard.

A number of al-Nusra terrorists were also killed, their weapons and ammunition destroyed in an army operation against one of their gatherings in al-Na’imeh village, 4 km to the east of Daraa, according to the source.


In the northern city of Aleppo, the army destroyed gatherings of ISIL terrorist organization in the surroundings of the Air Force Academy on Raqaa highway, destroying a number of their vehicles with all weapons and ammunition inside.

A number of Takfiri terrorists were also killed and injured and many of their vehicles were destroyed in army operations against their hideouts in al-Shakif area and Haritan town and Anadan city.

An army unit heavily fired the terrorist organizations’ gatherings and hideouts in Hader town in al-Hos Mountain area, about 30 km to the south of Aleppo city, destroying a number of the terrorists’ vehicles and killing a number of them.

In Aleppo city, the army units eliminated terrorist gatherings in the neighborhoods of al-Sheikh Lutfi, al-Marjeh, al-Salhiyeh, Al-Lareramoun, the old city of Aleppo, Hanano, Bustan al-Bacha, al-Halk, al-Jandoul and Be’din.

Meanwhile, a number of terrorists were killed when an army unit detonated a tunnel for terrorists in Ojet al-Kayali area.


In the eastern province of Hasaka, the army repelled terrorist attacks by ISIL terrorists against a number of military posts in the area surrounding al-Hasaka city.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that army units, in cooperation with popular defense groups, destroyed 3 truck bombs, driven by ISIL terrorists, before attacking Abyad military post, 10 km to the southwest of Hasaka and two other trucks in the surroundings of al-Dawoudiyeh village to the southeast of Hasaka.

The source added that the army units clashed with the ISIL terrorists, destroying a number of vehicles with all terrorists onboard.

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