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Syrian Army foils major ISIS attack on Kuweires Airport

ISIL Terrorists Fleeing Kuweires Region after Syrian Army Advances
ISIL Terrorists Fleeing Kuweires Region after Syrian Army Advances


ISIS launched a wide-scale assault at the northern outskirts of the Kuweires Military Airport on Tuesday, targeting the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) controlled village of Nasrallah.

ISIS began the assault by sending VBIED (vehicle borne improvised explosive device) towards the Syrian Arab Army’s defenses; however, this terrorist attack was foiled before it could reach its intended target near the Kuweires Military Airport.

Following the failed terrorist attack, ISIS militants stormed Nasrallah village, where they were confronted by a well-prepared Syrian Arab Army unit.

Intense clashes would rage for most of the day, until the Syrian Armed Forces beat back the Islamic State terrorists and reestablished security around Nasrallah village.

According to a military source in east Aleppo, the Syrian Armed Forces managed to kill 14 Islamic State terrorists, while also destroying two technical vehicles that were mounted with 14.5mm anti-aircraft machine guns.

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