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Syrian Army Discovers Terrorists’ Tunnels, Arms Workshop, Chemicals in Eastern Ghouta



The Syrian Army troops continued mop-up operation in Eastern Ghouta on Wednesday and discovered several tunnels, rocket-making workshops and chemical material canisters in regions that were once under terrorists’ control.

The sources said that the army has found a long tunnel in the town of Ein Terma in Eastern Ghouta, adding that the tunnel is a several-kilometer-long path with two branches to Zmelka region at its Northern side and Jobar region at its Western side.

In the meantime, other units of the army found a 3-km long tunnel between the regions of Arbin, Ein Terma, Zmelka and Jobar that was used by the terrorists for their vehicle movements.

The sources further said that the army’s engineering units in Arbin have found a workshop used for making mortar shells and rockets, and a warehouse of bombs and several canisters containing chemical materials.

A well-placed source in the Syrian army said on Tuesday that the army found a series of corroborative evidence and documents during mop-up operations in Eastern Ghouta that disclosed secret cooperation between terrorist groups and a US-owned organization,.

The army officer said the government troops continued cleansing operations in Eastern Ghouta and found a tunnel four meters wide and six meters high.

He further stated that the army men discovered several field hospitals in Ein Terma and Arbin regions.

Meantime, the source said the soldiers also found documents that proved secret cooperation between terrorists and a US organization.

The officer declined to name the US organization that was running the stealthy cooperation with the terrorists due to the sensitivity of the information contained in the documents, and said the evidence is corroborative and is withheld by the army for further investigations.

Yet, the source mentioned that the documents prove that the US organization has been funding the operation in Eastern Ghouta and paying monthly salary to the militants in the region.

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