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Syrian Army Disbands Terrorist Cell in Hama, Seizes Arms, Ammunition


Syrian military sources announced that the Army troops, tipped off by intelligence agents, disbanded a terrorist group carrying large volume of arms and ammunition heading towards Northern Hama.
“The five-members group of terrorists, carrying two thermal rockets, automatic rifles, grenades, RPG rounds and ammunition for PKC and 23 mm machineguns in their car, were driving on a road towards militant-held regions in Northern Hama,” the sources said, adding, “The Syrian soldiers stormed the group near the town of Masyaf, which ended in the killing of one the militants and arrest of the rest of them.”


Earlier this week, the Syrian soldiers repelled Jeish al-Izza’s offensive in Northwestern Hama, killing and wounding scores of the terrorists.

The Syrian army men beat back the Takfiri terrorists who stormed the government forces’ positions near the village of al-Zalaqiyat 30 kilometers to the Northwest of Hama.

Tens of the terrorists were killed or wounded and their military equipment and vehicles were destroyed in the failed attack.

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