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Syrian Army Continues Pushing Back ISIL Terrorists from Hasaka

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the Syrian army, in fresh rounds of massive operations, stormed ISIL’s positions in the Northeastern province of Hasaka and pushed them back from the battlefront.

The monitor said “fierce combat” had allowed government forces to push the ISIL militants away from the Southern edge of Hasaka city, the capital of the province.

“The ISIL, which has been at the Southern entrance of the city since Thursday, was forced to pull back two kilometers after fierce combat with the Syrian army men,” the monitor said.

The ISIL began an assault on Hasaka on May 30, advancing to the Southern entrance to the city last week.

Control of Hasaka city is shared between government forces and Kurdish fighters.

The ISIL assault on Hasaka that began on May 30 has so far left at least 119 killed and several others wounded.

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