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Syrian Army Command: Israel commits new violation of disengagement agreement

20140319-143209_h534125 (1)General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said the Zionist enemy committed a new violation of the agreement on disengagement by firing a number of artillery, tank and anti-tank rocket shells near Sehita village and on 1023 hill on Tuesday afternoon, causing material losses.
The Command added in a statement issued Wednesday that the Zionist enemy’s warplanes targeted today morning the sites of Koum al-Wissiyeh, Nabe’ al-Fawar and Sa’sa’ on the outskirts of the liberated city of Quneitra, claiming one life and wounding 7 others.
The Israeli aggression, the statement noted, coincided with an attack by numbers of terrorists on the Central Prison in Daraa city from the direction of Jordan.
“This new aggression came in a bid to divert attention from the successive victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army,” the Army’s General Command said, citing particularly the “great achievement” in Yabroud city “which dealt a startling blow to the terrorist organizations and their backers, on top being the Zionist entity”.
The Command added that the aggression also aimed at “giving a dose of moral support to the terrorist gangs tumbling under the Syrian Arab Army’s strikes”.
The Command concluded in its statement by saying that while it stresses its resolve and determination to go ahead with its war against the terrorist organizations until eliminating them, “it warns that such desperate attempts at escalation and creating tension under these circumstances through repeating these aggressive acts would jeopardize the region’s security and stability and make it vulnerable to all options.”

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