Syrian Army captures several points near key gas field in northeast Homs

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The Syrian Arab Army’s 18th Tank Division launched a counter-attack against the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) in the northeastern countryside of the Homs Governorate on Saturday, seizing several points near the Mahr Gas Fields.

Prior to the Syrian Arab Army’s counter-assault on Saturday, the Islamic State had captured a number of checkpoints between the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields and Huwaysis village, leaving the government forces with their back against the wall near the abandoned artillery base.

In fact, the Islamic State temporarily captured the abandoned artillery base on Saturday morning, which ultimately forced the Syrian Arab Army to flood the area with reinforcements in order to drive back the terrorists.

Once the abandoned artillery base was recaptured, the Syrian Armed Forces launched a counter-attack to recover several checkpoints near the Al-Sha’er Gas Fields; this assault would prove successful, as they managed to expel the Islamic State from a number of sites.

Meanwhile, in northeastern Homs, the Syrian Armed Forces conducted a counter-attack near the Al-Mahr Gas Fields, leading to the capture of several checkpoints from the Islamic State before nightfall on Saturday.


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