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Syrian Army captures new points inside Darayya


Damascus, Syria (6:45 A.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army’s Republican Guard, backed by the National Defense Forces and 4th Mechanized Division, captured new points inside the key West Ghouta town of Darayya on Monday night after a fierce battle with Ajnad Al-Sham.

A military source told Al-Masdar News on Monday night that the Syrian Armed Forces captured several buildings around the Bilal Al-Habashi Mosque in western Darayya, killing a handful of Islamists from Ajnad Al-Sham in the process.

The source added that the area seized around the Bilal Al-Habashi Mosque on Monday evening is approximately 300 meters long and 250 meters wide.

As a result of this advance on Monday, the Syrian Armed Forces have now expanded their buffer-zone between the neighboring town of Mu’adhimiyah and Darayya, leaving the Ajnad Al-Sham units in a poor position near Damascus City.

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