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Syrian Army Captures More Strategic Regions in Lattakia Province




The Syrian army continued its advances in Lattakia against the Jeish al-Fatah (the Army of Conquest) terrorist group and seized back more key regions in the coastal province on Saturday.

The army units pushed back the Jeish al-Fatah militants from the surrounding areas of al-Saraf village after four-hour battle.

Fierce clashes are presently underway near the village of al-Navareh.

The army has sent several reinforcement forces to prevent the militants from making advances in the area.

On Friday, the Syrian army commandos stepped on the territories of the Northwestern province of Idlib after prevailing over the last defense lines of the militant groups and capturing of Ein al-Beidha in Lattakia province.

The Syrian commandos finally reached the strategic border with the Idlib province after several-month-long of nonstop fighting with the terrorists of al-Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Lattakia province’s Northeastern part.

Also yesterday, the Syrian army and National Defense Forces drove the militant groups back from more villages in the mountainous regions of Lattakia near the border with Turkey.

The pro-government forces, after several hours of tough battle, imposed full control over the villages of Ein al-Beidha, Shir al-Dhaba’a and Ruweisat Rasho.

Scores of the militants were killed or wounded in the army attacks.

The engineering units of the army have started to defuse bombs and other kinds of explosive devices planted with the militants in the newly-liberated villages’ buildings.

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