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Syrian Army Captures More Heights, Villages Near Lattakia Border with Turkey


The Syrian military forces won more battles against the terrorist groups in Northern Lattakia and forced them to retreat from more territories in mountainous regions near the border with Turkey.
The Syrian army men not only fortified their positions in Kinsibba and it surroundings but gained fire-control over two villages of Ruwiesa Shekareh and Ein al-Qantara in the Northeastern side of Kinsibba, which reinvigorated the key town’s security.13941212000782_PhotoI

Syrian soldiers also ended cleansing operation in Ruweisa al-Shams successfully and stormed the terrorist positions in the village of Nahsha.

Local sources said that hundreds of Ahrar al-Sham militants fleeing Kinsibba battlefield toward Turkish border.

The terrorist groups, meantime, withdrew from their strongholds in part of Turkmen mountain under the heavy attacks of the Syrian government forces, who captured the heights 485.19, 531.45, 442.5, 428.5, 417.5.

Also, the Syrian military forces beat the terrorists back form regions of Beit Janavar, Ein al-Qazal and Marj al-Zaviyeh between Kurds mountain and Turkmen mountain.

The army also inflicted major losses on the militants and liberated the regions of Shir al-Zaba’a, Ein al-Beidha and al-Qarmin height in Turkmen mountain.

Battlefield sources Sunday refuted the terrorists’ claims about advancing in Northern Lattakia, and underlined the government forces’ full control over the newly-liberated town of Kinsibba.

“The Syrian government forces repelled the offensive of the terrorist groups to recapture Kinsibba, which ended in the killing of at least 120 militants and wounding of many more,” the sources said, adding, “Terrorist left behind their military equipment and retreated from the battlefield.”

“Kinsibba in under the full control of Syrian government forces,” the sources underlined.

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