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Syrian Army Captures Farms in Zibdeen and Hateet Al-Jarash

Syrian army steps away from retaking strategic Qalamoun area

The Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Mechanized Division has captured the farms southeast of Hateet Al-Jarash, leading to the SAA’s entry into the town of Zibdeen from the northeast. The 4th Mechanized Division is now in control of the surrounding farms from Balaa Al-Jadeeda in the east to Hateet Al-Jarash in the west following the successful entry into Zibdeen. According to a military source, 27 militants from Jaysh Al-Islam were killed during the battle, including 2 Sudanese and 2 Bangladeshi fighters.

After weeks of violent clashes on the outskirts of Jisreen, the 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard has fought its way to the Al-Ghadiyya Bridge, which leads into the village. The 105th’s goal is to capture Jisreen and to continue to push north to Bayt Sawa, where they will look to encircle the imperative cities of ‘Arbeen, Douma, and ‘Ayn Tarma.

Jaysh Al-Islam has launched a new offensive in the East Ghouta of the Rif Dimashq Governorate to lift the Syrian Arab Army’s siege on their positions; this counter-offensive is likely to be Zahran Alloush’s (Jaysh Al-Islam leader) last attempt to force out the SAA from the area. To begin their offensive, Jaysh Al-Islam launched an attack on the Republican Guard’s 105th Brigade at Al-Rayan and Hawash Al-Farah; however, they progressed very little over the last 48 hours.

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