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Syrian Army Ambush Blows Up ISIL Convoy Smuggling Fuel


The Syrian army units ambushed a long column of ISIL military vehicles smuggling fuel in the strategic Ithriya-Salamiyah road, inflicting major damage on the convoy.
The attack which was launched near al-Adhib valley in Hama province killed several terrorists.

During the operations, the Syrian army also confiscated the ISIL’s military vehicles and equipment used for discovering mines.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian military forces repelled the ISIL attacks on their positions in Northeastern Hama for the second day in a row, forcing the terrorist group to retreat from the battlefield.

The ISIL carried out its second large-scale offensive to take control over a strategic road connecting Sheikh Hilal to Ithriya near the province’s border with Western Raqqa, but the Takfiri group’s offensives were fended off by the strong defense of the Syrian soldiers.

The ISIL left behind scores of the dead and wounded members and fled the battlefield without any result.

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