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Syrian Army advances on Jaish Al-Islam stronghold in eastern Ghouta


The Syrian Army continued its advance on the rebel stronghold of Hawsh Al-Farah after intense firefights that lasted hours.
14 jihadists from the Jaish Al Islam rebel faction were killed as the Syrian Army captured 400 meters of farms from the direction of Mayda’a and Tal Sawaan to the Rayhan/Tal Kurdi axis. Army units managed to fortify their positions in the recently captured areas.
Three Syrian soldiers were confirmed killed in action in this operation.
The jihadists offered heavy resistance on the Rayhan axis as they countered in an attempt to lift the siege and open a supply route from Douma, but unfortunately for them all their attempts failed.
On the other hand, government troops managed to advance from the direction of the Lamis Factory, the Cable Factory, and Mister Corn in Tal Kurdi into the Hawsh Al-Farah region and the Rayhan farms.
Whilst the numbers of Islamist combatants killed on this front is not confirmed, it is said to be in the dozens partially due to the Syrian Airforce carrying out 20 simultaneous airstrikeson nearby insurgents this evening.

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