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Syrian Army Advances in Homs As Qalamoun Families Return Homes

Manar_Qalamoun-300x225The Syrian army seized full control Tuesday over the Om Sharshooh Hill in northern countryside of Homs, in preparation for storming the strongholds of armed groups in the town, Syrian military sources told Al-Manar TV.
The sources added that the national military launched a limited operation against the militants’ posts in Qa’er neighborhood of Homs, as sources army units controlled the Seventh Island in the area following fierce clashes that inflicted heavy losses among militants.
Al-Manar correspondent in Qalamoun reported that armed groups tried to infiltrate into the area on Tuesday, but was fought off by Syrian army troops and guard units.
In the meantime, more than 250 people returned from Tofeil town to their homes in Housh Arab and Assal Al Wared in the city of Qalamoun in rural Damascus.
The citizens’ return was guarded by the Syrian army and the Red Crescent.
Ten buses were used to transport families from Tofeil.
Source: Al-Manar

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