Presidential Election

Syria Vote Mandated Assad to Fight Terrorist Groups, Consecrated His Victory

asad3Since the Syrian Higher Judicial Committee for the presidential elections announced last night closing the ballot boxes, numerous analyses have tried to interpret the dimensions and the repercussions of the democratic event, highlighting its effects on the national and the strategic position and role of Syria.
Holding the presidential elections itself is a great Syrian achievement as the foreign conspiracy planned to control the key cities of Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, Latakia and Hamah in order to prevent holding the vote, yet the military achievements of the Syrian army frustrated the plot.
Media reports noted that there was a plan to extend the term of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and that of the Lebanese president Michel Sleiman in the context of a compromise to ban Syria vote.
The Americans and the Westerns wanted to prevent the elections as they see that the opposition candidates have no hope to defeat President Assad in any democratic elections.
The American intelligence reported that any opposition candidate can win, at best, 40 % of the votes.
FormerKandil Lebanese MP and the editor-in-chief of Al-Binaa newspaper Nasser Kandil told Al-Manar that the Syrians through the high turnout challenged the security threats of the terrorist groups which attempted to frustrate the elections.
He added that the Syrians have mandated President Assad to fight the militant groups, the Israeli enemy and any other enemy, noting that this mandate will empower the army and the state in their battle against the takfiri plot.
Kandil said that the Syrians have experienced the atrocities of the terrorist groups and decided to support the state as well as the army against them, so they heavily participated in the historical presidential elections.
“The Syrians have underscored their national stances against the terrorist plot which aimed at serving Israel’s interests in the region.”
Commenting on the future of the terrorist groups, he said that the battlefield achievements of the Syrian army restricted their capabilities and imposed on them new rules of engagement, what would lead them to relentless defeat.
Syria now heads to conducting a national reconciliation, forming a coalition government, in which the peaceful opposition forces will be represented, and encountering the socio-economic effects of the crisis.

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