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Syria: Turkish Army Troops Deploy in Aleppo Province


Several units of the Turkish Army have crossed the border with Aleppo province in Northern Syria and have deployed forces there.
“The local people have informed that Turkish army troops are now in Aleppo province,” the Russian-language Interfax news agency quoted the Russian defense ministry as saying on Friday.

The Russian defense ministry warned against the negative consequences of the presence of the Turkish army in Northern Syria.

In late May, the Kurdish sources announced that several units of the Turkish Army had deployed forces to the surroundings of the towns of Azaz and Marea.

Member of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PDS) Ahmet Arac said that the hundreds of the Turkish soldiers crossed the Syrian border at Bab al-Salameh border-crossing and deployed their forces in al-Shahba’a region near Marea and Azaz.

“The Turkish Armed Forces are preparing an offensive in the Azaz and Marea regions that have been the scenes of tough battles between the ISIL terrorists and its rival group of the Free Syrian Army,” Arac added.

“Also the Turkish Army carried out rocket attacks on the positions of Democratic Forces of Syria,” he went on to say

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