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Syria: Terrorists Block Supply of Aid to 7,000 People in Yarmouk Camp

13930407000310_PhotoI-300x175The terrorist groups stationed in the Palestinian refugee camp, al-Yarmouk, in Damascus countryside prevented the dispatch of humanitarian aids, specially foodstuff, to the camp residents despite a reconciliation agreement signed between them and the Syrian government.
The reconciliation agreement was concluded in al-Yarmouk Palestinian camp in Damascus and went into effect on Sunday but a number of terrorist groups have voiced opposition to the deal and have remained in the camp, the Syrian Dam Press reported on Saturday.
According to the report, the Syrian government’s efforts to provide the 7,000-strong residents of Yarmouk with food cargos have failed by now due to the remaining terrorists’ opposition.
The agreement between the government and the terrorist groups, most of them from the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Nusra group, which was inked in al-Qaboun neighborhood Northern Damascus states that:
1. The Syrian army cordons off the camp to prevent the terrorists from entering it.
2. A security force will be formed to preserve the camp’s internal security.
3. Heavy weapons must be removed from the camp.
4. The detainees’ situations will be resolved.
5. The ceasefire will be carried out immediately.
6. All the parties guarantee that the camp will not be exposed to military aggressions.
The agreement also includes other items which are related to organizing the camp’s situations and rebuilding the infrastructure.

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