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Syria: Nusra Terrorists Withdraw from More Key Positions in Northwestern Damascus



Syrian Army troops continued their advances against Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) in Wadi al-Bardi region in Western Ghouta, capturing more strategic heights in the region.

The army soldiers engaged in fierce clashes with the Fatah al-Sham in Wadi al-Bardi region and won back the key heights of Zohrat al-Nahliyeh that overlooks the villages of Kafr al-Awamid, al-Barhaliya, Kafr Zeit and al-Hosseiniyeh.

Over 20 Nusra terrorists were killed and several more were wounded in the attack.

Military sources said on Friday that the army forwarded a brigade of its elite forces to Wadi al-Bardi region to reinvigorate its troops’ combat abilities in Western Ghouta,

The sources disclosed that the army’s elite 42nd Brigade of the 4th Mechanized Division has been dispatched to the Wadi al-Bardi region.

The 42nd Brigade has been involved in several important battles in the past, including the capture of Yabroud in the Qalamoun Mountains, Darayya, and Khan al-Sheih.

The 42nd Brigade is under the direct command of General Maher Al-Assad and his officers.

The 42nd Brigade will be leading the charge to expel the remaining  rebels from the Wadi al-Bardi.

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