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Syria: Long Convoy of Terrorists’ Vehicles Destroyed in Army Attacks in Sweida


The terrorist groups’ column of vehicles, carrying arms and militants, was targeted and destroyed by the Syrian army in the Eastern parts of the Southern province of Sweida.
Most of terrorists’ vehicles, including machinegun-equipped ones, were destroyed in the army men’s attack on their supply column near the village of Rami.


Several terrorists were also killed and wounded in the attacks.

Also on Wednesday, two groups of ISIL-affiliated terrorists were disbanded by the Syrian army and popular forces’ attacks in Sweida province.

The Syrian army unit targeted the fortified positions of the ISIL in Rajm al-Dawla village in the Northeastern parts of Sweida province.

The sources said that the attack killed and wounded all members of the terrorist group, and destroyed all their weapons and ammunitions.

The source also said that an army unit clashed with a number of ISIL Takfiri terrorists who attempted to attack a military position in Bard village in the province’s Southwestern region, killing and injuring most of the terrorists, while those who remained unhurt fled towards the Badiyeh desert.

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