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Syria in Last 24 Hours: People Protest against Terrorist Groups’ Presence in Damascus, Daraa Provinces

Terrorist-held areas in Damascus and Idlib provinces were the scenes of protests against the presence of Takfiri terrorists.
People poured to the streets of the town of Hamouriya in Eastern Ghouta and rallied against the presence of terrorist groups in their town.

Also the cities of Idlib, Bensh and Kafroumeh in the province of Idlib were the scenes of popular protests against the foreign-backed terrorists.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army thwarted an attack by the Takfiri terrorists on a highly important region in the city of Hasaka in the Northeastern parts of the country.

The ISIL terrorists were planning to capture a security center of the Syrian army through several attacks, but they failed.

At least 15 ISIL terrorists were killed in heavy clashes with the Syrian troops.

Abu al-Bara al-Tunessi, a notorious ISIL commander, was among the terrorists killed in the battle over Hasaka.

The Syrian army also besieged the Takfiri terrorists in Hasaka.

“The ISIL terrorists who have entered al-Nashva district in Western Hasaka are under the army’s siege,” the Arabic-language service of Russia Today satellite TV reported on Friday.

Elsewhere, the Syrian warplanes destroyed the terrorists’ weapons stockpile in the city of Deir Ezzur in Eastern Syria, leaving tens of terrorists dead and dozens more injured.

The ISIL terrorists’ arms depot was ruined in the Syrian airstrikes in the main street of Deir Ezzur.

The local sources confirmed that tens of ISIL terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the airstrikes in Deir Ezzur.

Meantime, the Syrian Army and Lebanon’s Hezbollah Resistance Movement seized full control over Shehadi crossing in Jreijeer farms in al-Qalamoun, local officials said.

The sources told al-Manar that the resistance fighters and the Syrian army seized Shehadi crossing and they are advancing in the region.

The fighters are also in control of Wadi al-Maghara crossing, preventing terrorists of the Takfiri group of the ISIL from moving in the area.

Shehadi crossing is of much significance since it is connected to other areas and crossing that lead to al-Hosn palace where Takfiri terrorists are taking bastion.

The resistance fighters have been for weeks engaged in wide-scale operations to secure the farms of Qalamoun and Arsal. These areas lie on the border between Syria and Lebanon and are considered as strongholds for the Syria-based Takfiri militants.

Also, a senior Turkish lawmaker disclosed that Turkey has helped the ISIL terrorists to return to Syria’s Kurdish border town of Kobani through Turkey.

“Once again the Turkish officials helped the ISIL terrorists to enter Kobani,” Gaziantep MP Mehmet Shekar revealed.

He noted that the ISIL terrorists had reentered Kobani on seven vehicles, and said, “It is a shame that Turkey paves the grounds for the infiltration of ISIL terrorists to its neighboring country.

The Syrian Kurdish forces claimed that they have captured three Turkish special forces during the ISIL attack on the town of Kobani, media reports said.

The Turkish forces were captured by the Kurdish fighters while they were accompanying the ISIL terrorists in their attacks on Kobani, the Salmani Times news website reported.

Meantime, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that at least 20 people were executed by the ISIL terrorist group in the predominantly-Kurdish city of Kobani.

The ISIL executed 20 civilians and wounded 15 others, after locals fought back an ISIL surprise attack in the town of Barkh Butan in South of Kobani, the monitor said.

The Syrian TV reported on Thursday that the ISIL managed to return to the border town of Kobani through Turkey.

The report said that the terrorists reentered the Kurdish city through coordination with the Turkish intelligence-security apparatus.

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