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Syria in Last 24 Hours: ISIL Terrorists Sustain Heavy Losses in Army Operations in Homs Province

The Syrian army and air force pounded and destroyed the terrorist groups’ military positions in Homs province, killing scores of the terrorists over the past 24 hours.
The ISIL Takfiri terrorists sustained heavy losses in the Syrian fighter jets on their concentration centers in the Eastern part of Homs province.
The Syrian army also inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist groups in other key provinces across Syria.

The Syrian fighter jets carried out several combat flights over the ISIL strongholds in the energy-rich regions in Eastern Homs and targeted them heavily, inflicting major losses on the terrorists.
The Syrian bombers struck fortified positions of ISIL terrorists in surrounding the oil fields of Jazal and al-Sha’er, in which a convoy of vehicles, some of which equipped with machineguns, were destroyed and several ISIL fighters were killed.
The Syrian fighter jets also targeted al-Nusra Front’s gatherings in al-Ghajar village, destroying a number of vehicles, fortified sites and mortar launchers.
Deir Ezzur

The Syrian army and tribal forces managed to purge the Southwestern part of the city of Deir Ezzur of Takfiri terrorists on Friday.
The government and tribal forces pushed back the terrorists from al-Filat region and al-Savaqeh school in the Southwestern part of Deir Ezzur city.
At least 36 terrorists were killed and many more were injured in the army’s mop-up operations in Deir Ezzur city.
Also, the Syrian military forces, in a fresh round of attacks, hit the ISIL positions in the Southwestern part of Deir Ezzur heavily and drove the terrorists back from more lands.
The Syrian soldiers stormed the ISIL lines of defense near Panorama and inflicted a heavy death toll on the terrorists.
The ISIL left behind scores of the dead or wounded members and fled the battlefront to evade more casualties.
Meantime, the Syrian Army aircraft targeted the ISIL gatherings and concentration centers near Deir Ezzur city, inflicting heavy losses of the group’s military vehicles and equipment.
The Syrian fighter jets bombed the ISIL positions near Panorama, Brouk Hill and the Western side of Deir Ezzur Airport, which left several vehicles destroyed, including machinegun-equipped ones.

The fighters of Kurdish People’s Protection Units, in a rapid operation on Friday, cut off the entire supply lines to a newly-captured region of the ISIL, battlefield sources said, adding that the ISIL terrorists are under siege in the battlefield.
“The entire road to Afrin region have been cut off by the Kurdish fighters,” the sources said, adding, “The ISIL terrorist, who pushed back rival terrorists of the Free Syrian Army and captured eights villages near Afrin, are under the siege of the Kurdish fighters with no way out.”
Reports also said that several terrorists were killed in clashes between the ISIL and the coalition of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and al-Shamiyeh Front in the Northern territories of Aleppo province near the border with Turkey.
“The ISIL terrorists stormed strongholds of al-Shamiyeh and FSA near the villages of Tal Hussein, Tatiyah, Baryshah and Janhat in the Eastern side of the town of Azaz a few kilometers South of Aleppo border with Turkey,” the sources said.
“The ISIL pushed its rivals back from the villages,” the sources said, adding, “Heavy death toll on both sides was reported.”

The entire members of a group of ISIL terrorists were killed in the Syrian Army troops’ surprise attack in the Northeastern parts of Dara’a province.
The Syrian army troops and the National Defense Forces stormed gathering center of a group of ISIL militants in the Southwester side of Asheihib hill, and killed the entire member of the group after hours of non-stop battle.

The Syrian Army’s artillery units opened heavy fire at a long convoy of ISIL vehicles in the Northeastern part of Sweida province, inflicting major damage on the military column.
The ISIL convoy of military vehicle near the village of Rajm al-Dawleh, some 70 km Northeast of Sweida city, came under the heavy artillery shelling of the army.
Four vehicles, including a truck loaded with weapons and ammunition, were destroyed and meantime several members of the ISIL were killed in the attacks.

The Syrian military forces repelled the al-Nusra Front’s attack near the town of Ma’an and forced the terrorist group to pull its fighters back from the battlefield.
Terrorists carried out an approximate large-scale operation from three directions of Atshan, Tal Skeik and Um Hartain to break through the pro-government forces’ position in Ma’an, but their attacks were strongly defended by the Syrian soldiers.
Al-Nusra left behind at least 50 members dead and many more wounded and fled the battlefield under the heavy fire of the government forces.
The clashes ended in destruction of 9 of their vehicles, including two armored and machineguns-equipped ones.

Syrian media sources announced that a large number of fresh recruits have been dispatched to Eastern Ghouta to join the government forces’ anti-terrorism operations there.
“A large number of the Republican Guard’s soldiers, who finished their trainings, have been sent to battlefronts to join the Syrian army and their allies’ war on terrorism in the Eastern part of Damascus province,” the sources said, adding, “The Syrian government forces are resolved to fortify their positions in the newly-liberated regions as much as possible.”

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