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Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Destroys Terrorists’ Command Center in Dara’a Province



The Syrian army destroyed the central command center of the terrorists in Dara’a province, killing tens of them.

The Syrian army’s artillery unit pounded the terrorists’ main command center in the city of Dara’a.

The Syrian army also conducted major military operations in different parts of the country over last 24 hours.


The Syrian army units destroyed a command center, a fortified position and a monitoring center of the terrorist groups in Dara’a al-Balad area in Dara’a city.

The concentrated attack killed and injured dozens of militants and blew up their military equipment and weapons.

Also, another army unit smashed the terrorists’ mortar-launching position in al-Nueimeh town in the Eastern parts of Dara’a, killing all the terrorists in there.

Deir Ezzur

The ISIL launched a major offensive inside Deir Ezzur City, targeting the government-controlled districts of Al-Arfi and Mouzafeen.

ISIL began the offensive by sending three VBIEDs towards the Syrian Army’s defenses at both the Mouzafeen and Al-Arfi districts, however, all three were destroyed before they could reach their intended targets.

Following the failed VBIED attacks, the Takfiri terrorists simultaneously the Al-Arfi and Mouzafeen districts, engaging in a series of intense firefights that ended with the militants retreating from both districts.

According to a military source, over 30 ISIL terrorists were killed during the failed offensive, including several foreign combatants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Tunisia.


Syrian army troops in cooperation with popular forces destroyed two bases of the terrorists in al-Rastan city in the Northern parts of Homs province.

Army units and their allies carried out special operations, targeting the fortified positions of the terrorists in al-Rastan, which resulted in destroying two bases of Ahrar al-Sham and Rijalullah terrorist groups.

Dozens of militants were also killed and wounded in the Syrian troops’ special operations.


The Syrian air force pounded the terrorist groups’ military positions near the strategic town of Mourek in the Northern parts of Hama province on Thursday, killing dozens of militants.

The Syrian warplanes targeted the gatherings of terrorists in Mourek, Tibet al-Imam and the surrounding areas of al-Buwaida and Souran in Hama province, killing a large number of the militants and destroying scores of their vehicles, some equipped with machine guns.

The Syrian air force also launched airstrikes on the positions of Jeish al-Nasr and Jund al-Aqsa terrorist groups near Souran village in the Northern parts of Hama.

The attack killed over 10 terrorists and smashed their BMP vehicle.

Earlier on Thursday, 50 Jeish al-Fatah terrorists were killed and more than 70 others were injured the army operations in the Northern parts of Hama province.

Units of the army, in cooperation with popular forces, repelled an attack by terrorist groups in the surroundings of Soran in Northern Hama, killing tens of them and destroying two tanks, , a military source said on Thursday.

Also, a unit of the army launched concentrated strikes on terrorists’ gatherings in the Western parts of Taibat al-Imam in Hama’s Northern regions, killing several of them.

The source said that the army units also engaged in heavy clashes with the militants in the area surrounding al-Boida and Maarkaba towns in the Northern parts of Hama.

During the clashes, a number of tanks were destroyed in the area surrounding al-Boida town. 50 terrorists were killed and more than 70 others were wounded, the military source said.

Also, Mohamed al-Ashqar, the leader of the so-called Jeish al-Izza terrorist group, was killed along with all his comrades, he added.


The Syrian army units and their allies advanced in areas near al-Rayhan town in Damascus’ Eastern Ghouta region, extending their control over the surrounding areas of Douma city.

Concurrently with the Syrian troops’ operations in Rayhan, the terrorist groups targeted the army’s gathering centers in Hawsh Nasiri region in Eastern Ghouta.

Other reports also said that the army attacked the terrorists’ positions in Wadi Bardi region, leaving tens of militants dead and wounded.

The Syrian military forces launched heavy attacks on terrorists’ concentration centers in Eastern and Southwestern parts of Damascus province on Wednesday, pushing militants back from more strongholds.

The Syrian Army targeted terrorists’ centers along Damascus-Homs highway.

They, meantime, pounded the farms near Douma, killing and injuring several terrorists.

Syrian soldiers engaged in heavy fighting with militants in al-Zabadani in Northwestern Damascus.

Syrian choppers for their part bombed militants’ positions near Khan al-Seih in Western Ghouta.

Syrian army also advanced against terrorists in Hawsh al-Fareh and Tal Salwan and took back at least one square kilometer.


Syrian Army troops hit ISIL’s fuel convoy in Sweida province, destroying most of the tankers as well as killing a number of militants, military sources said.

“Several oil tankers of the ISIL group came under attack and were destroyed by the Syrian Army troops in the area East of Shaghaf village in the countryside Sweida province,” the source said.

“All of the Takfiri terrorists escorting the fuel convoys were also killed in the Syrian military operation,” the source added.


The Syrian army units have retaken vast areas of the aviation technical college in the military academy buildings in Southwestern Aleppo, a field commander said on Thursday.

“Heavy clashes are underway between the Syrian army and Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the region, in which dozens of terrorists have been killed,” the commander said.

“The militants, using wireless devices, have called on their leaders to send more forces to the military academy region to be able to stand against the Syrian army,” he added.

The commander said that the Syrian army and resistance forces have driven out the terrorists from several strategic buildings in military academy by continued operations in the region.


The Syrian warplanes targeted the positions and gathering centers of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in the Western and Northwestern parts of Idlib province.

The air force launched heavy airstrikes against the terrorists’ strongholds in the villages of al-Janoudiyeh, Armanaz and Binnesh on Thursday.

Three positions and a number of vehicles, some equipped with machine guns, were destroyed and tens of terrorists were killed and wounded as a result of the operations.

The airstrikes against the terrorists were launched as the new wave of terrorists’ rocket attacks left at least three civilians dead, among them a child, and tens of others wounded after over 200 shells were fired at the two besieged towns of Fuaa and Kefraya in Idlib province as the international community continues to keep mum about the crime.

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