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Syria: Hundreds of Terrorists, Family Members Evacuated from Eastern, Northern Damascus



Local officials confirmed that over 1,200 gunmen and their family members left Barza and Tishrin districts for Idlib province in the second phase of an evacuation deal between the Syrian Army and the militants.

Damascus Governor General Bashr al-Saban said that 1,246 people, including 718 gunmen, have been evacuated from the districts of Tishrin in Eastern Damascus and Barze in Northern Damascus.

He added that the evacuated gunmen and their family members left their district for Idlib province.

In the meantime, tens of gunmen that had not joined the peace agreement with the Syrian government left Barza along with their family members for Northern Aleppo.

The Syrian Army General Command confirmed on Friday that hundreds of gunmen and their family members were to be evacuated from Barzeh district under an evacuation deal.

The second batch of militants and their family members were scheduled to leave the Barzeh district on Friday, the General Command announced.

According to the General Command, the militants and their family member would leave the Barzeh district for Idlib.

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