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Syria: Gov’t Forces Restore Security to Key Highway North of Aleppo City



The Syrian Army troops and popular forces launched a fresh round of offensives on terrorists’ centers and pushed the militants back from the highway connecting al-Ramousiyeh to al-Ameriyeh.

Syrian government forces, backed by heavy bombardments of the Russian Air Force, captured a chunk of the key highway in the Northern side of Aleppo city connecting al-Ramousiyeh to al-Ameriyeh and attacked the terrorist groups’ positions in the districts of al-Sakri, Sheikh Saeed and al-Ameriyeh.

The terrorist groups suffered a heavy death toll and their military hardware sustained mjor damage in the army operation.

In relevant developments on Thursday, the Syrian army’s advance in al-Ramousiyeh and adjacent areas would put more pressure on the terrorists stationed in Sheikh Saeed region.

The sources said that the Syrian army and the terrorists were in fierce clashes in the Southwestern parts of Aleppo, adding that the governmental forces continued advancing in housing project 1070 and al-Hikma school.

Meantime, Kamal al-Faja, a military analyst, said the Sheikh Saeed region through which the terrorists were trying to break the siege of the Eastern districts of Aleppo, was surrounded by the Syrian army from the fertilizer plant in the Southwest and cement factory and Old al-Ramousiyeh in the West and “this means the Syrian army’s imminent march towards Sheikh Saeed”.

He added that retaking control over Sheikh Saeed meant that security would be reestablished at the airport-Ramousiyeh road, the attacks against al-Hamdaniyeh residential areas would decrease and more pressure would be put on the terrorists in al-Ameriyeh and Salahuddin districts.

Al-Jafa added that the main goal of the Syrian and Russian warplanes’ airstrikes against the terrorists’ positions in the Western and Northwestern parts of Aleppo was targeting their supply routes towards housing project 1070 and destroying their defense lines.

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