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Syria condemns Turkey tomb operation as ‘flagrant aggression’

The Syrian government has denounced the Turkish army’s recent operation in the Syrian territory as an act of “flagrant aggression.”

“Turkey is not satisfied with merely giving all kinds of support to its puppets Daesh (ISIL), (al-Qaeda affiliate) the al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups,” read a Syrian Foreign Ministry statement carried on the state news agency, SANA, on Sunday, adding, “It even carried out… a flagrant aggression against Syrian territory.”

Damascus holds Ankara responsible for the repercussions of the operation, the statement added.

Late Saturday, Turkish ground troops supported by warplanes entered the Syrian territory in an alleged attempt to evacuate the garrison guarding the Ottoman tomb of Suleyman Shah, which was surrounded by Takfiri ISIL militants.

The tomb was located just over the border near the Kurdish town of Kobani, which was recently liberated from the ISIL.

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