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Syria complains to United Nations over new Israeli attack

الخارجية1Syria said that Israel had targeted sites inside the Syrian land on Sunday and Monday, killing four and wounding nine others.
In two identical letters sent to the United Nations Secretary-General and Chairman of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the Israeli forces launched tank shells, mortars and two rockets, adding that five Israeli warplanes hit positions of the law-enforcement forces inside Syria.
The Israeli attack against sites inside the Syrian land comes in the context of its continued support to armed terrorist groups in the disengagement zone, said the letters.
In parallel, the letters said, the Israeli hostile air attacks happened around the time of another attack by an armed terrorist group against sites of the law-enforcement forces that was aborted.
The new Israeli attack happened in full view of the Under-Secretary-General of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Hervé Ladsous who is visiting Syria to inspect the status of the UN peace-keeping force in Syria.
The ministry saw that the attack is but a bid to shore up terrorist groups which sustained heavy losses by the Syrian law-enforcement forces, which it described as a violation of the Separation of Forces agreement that has been in place since 1974, the UN Charter and the international law.
An agreement between Syria and Israel was achieved in May 1974 that stipulated the disengagement and separation of Israeli and Syrian military forces on Golan, and the creation of disengagement zones between the opposing armies.
The aggression is, moreover, an act that puts at risk the UN personnel in the area, added the letters.
The letters pointed out that Syria, as it informs the UN Secretary-General and the Security Council about these grave Israeli attacks, demands that the UNSC assume its responsibilities and enforce its deterrent resolutions to prevent Israel from going farther in its incessant attempts to inflame the situation and jeopardize regional and international security and peace.
Such aggressions constitute a brazen breach of the Separation of Forces agreement and an outright Israeli support to terrorist groups which are active in the disengagement zone, the letters affirmed.
The ministry concluded by demanding that the UNSC enforce an implementation of its resolutions-namely 242, 338 and 497-that oppose an Israeli occupation of Golan and call for an Israeli pullout from all occupied Arab lands.

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