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Syria calls on UNESCO to establish approach to expose reality of crisis

Syria calls on UNESCO to establish approach to expose reality of crisis

The 194th session of the executive board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) kicked off headed by Arab Group and with participation of the UNESCO General Conference chairman from China who was elected on behalf of the Asian Group and UNESCO Director-General Irinia Bokova.

Syria’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO Ambassador Lamia Shakour called on Bokova to work for establishing a method for the UNESCO based on revealing truth about crisis in Syria and exposing reality of terrorism targeting Syria for over three years.

Shakour welcomed Bokov’s desire to search for truth in person and to get UNESCO involved in serious work, international approach and adopt a global stance by the organization to correct many misinformation about the reality of crisis in Syria.

Shakour hailed UNESCO Director-General’s efforts to enhance the national reconciliation in Syria through boosting education and knowledge to face the crisis in Syria.

Ambassador Shakour invited Bokova to go to Syria and see firsthand millions of Syrian students who are pursuing their education in spite of the crisis in various stages.

She addressed permanent representatives at UNESCO saying “It is time international consensus is reached to exert pressure on countries that are supporting Takfiri terrorism to prevent those countries from funding, sending arms and offering logistical support to al-Qaeda and its affiliates in Syria such as “al-Nusra Front” and “The Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham” and the “Islamic Front”

Shakour stressed the necessity of adopting an international consensus consistent with the track of Syrian government that is aimed at realizing political solution to end the massacres and crimes perpetrated by al-Qaeda terrorists against the Syrian people.

For her part, Bokova pointed out enlisting Syrian issue as a priority saying “We are working in Syria and with Syria and in the neighboring countries, and we are enhancing humanitarian work through serious efforts”

She added that education process is threatened in the whole region.

She stressed the necessity of intensifying standing coordination with Syrian government concerning the situation inside Syria and in other countries which hosted displaced Syrians such as Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, hailing the importance of international action to meet organization’s aspirations to face the crisis in Syria.

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