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Syria calls on Security Council to condemn twin terrorist explosions in Homs

20140410-213231_h (1)Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent Thursday two identical letters to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and President of Security Council, saying that Homs witnessed Wednesday twin terrorist explosions of two car bomb in al-Khudre street of Karm al-Loouz which claimed the lives of 25 citizens, including women and children, and wounded more than 107 others.
The Ministry added that terrorists blew up a booby-trapped car they have parked near al-Badr Sweets in al-Khudre street which witnesses crowded traffic movement by citizens, adding that after half an hour, the terrorists exploded another car in the same neighborhood to claim lives of more citizens.
The two explosions also caused large damages to the citizens’ properties, houses, shops and the cars.
Homs also witnessed on March 6th and 27th two terrorist explosions at al-Arman neighborhood, claiming the lives of 14 citizens and wounding scores others.
Those terrorist acts, which targeted a crowd-populated area, come as an extension to other terrorist explosions and attacks in Damascus, its countryside, Homs, Lattakia and Aleppo where the terrorist groups, who receive weapons, money, training and havens by countries in the region and outside it, are carrying terrorist acts including attacks with mortars on residential buildings which lead to the killing and injuring of scores of innocent civilians.
“The government of Syrian Arab Republic calls on the Security council to condemn that terrorist crime which claimed the lives of scores of Syrian innocents, and other terrorist crimes that shed the Syrians’ blood, supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and to punish these countries for their ignorance of the Security Council resolutions on counterterrorism ,” the letter said.
It added those resolutions have affirmed rejection of any form of terrorism, punishing the countries, sponsors and holding them responsible for the terrorist acts with the perpetrators of the crimes alike.
The Foreign Ministry concluded by saying that Security council’s continued silence on the terrorist crimes in Syria stirs legitimate queries on the danger of the double standard policy some security council’s permanent members are practicing in dealing with terrorism.

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