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Syria Blasts Europe’s Green Light to Terrorists’ Crude Sales as Clear Support for Terrorism

Syria Blasts Europe’s Green Light to Terrorists’ Crude Sales as Clear Support for Terrorism

Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Meqdad blasted the European Union (EU) for giving permission to terrorist groups to sell the country’s crude and oil products as flagrant support for terrorism.
“Europeans are supporting the terrorists and a reason and sign of it is their support for the sales of Syria’s crude by the terrorists,” the Syrian deputy foreign minister said in an article published in the Lebanese Al-Bana newspaper.

He lamented that the West still continues its support for terrorists despite their crimes and the dire conditions prevailing in the region.

Meantime, public protests against the militants’ savageries intensified in Eastern Syria, where the residents of a town in Deir Ezzur province staged a protest rally against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

It is the first time that the Syrian people dare to stage a protest rally in areas under the ISIL control. Reports said the ISIL militants arrested a number of militants, beheaded several others and dispersed the protest.

Meantime, a series of fresh violent clashes have erupted between Syrian government forces and foreign-backed militants in the Golan Heights, the latest reports said.

Syrian security officials said on Saturday that renewed heavy fighting was underway between Syrian army forces and foreign-backed militants in the city of Quneitra in the region.

The Quneitra city is located some 60 kilometers South of the capital, Damascus.

Elsewhere, the Syrian government troops pushed back militants from the army’s cyber headquarters and cut a major supply route of the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta in Damascus on Saturday.

The latest FNA reports from the region said that they army units have fully liberated the cyber headquarters and are in control now.

The Syrian army also regained control of Deir Al-Assafir-Zobdin road in the Northwestern parts of Hatita Al-Jarsh town also in Eastern Ghouta.

The army’s victories in Eastern Ghouta came after heavy clashes with the terrorists in Hatita Al-Jarsh town.

The Syrian air force conducted tens of fresh operations against the strongholds of the ISIL terrorists in Reqqa province in the Northeastern parts of the country.

The most important targets of the Syrian air force’s jetfighters have been the former building of Syria’s state security, Afran al-Andolus district, Al-Kornak Square, Al-Hasimeh Square and the wheat silos of Reqqa.

Tens of ISIL terrorist were killed during the airstrikes.

ISIL militants have sheltered underground as they are fearful of more Syrian air force operations.

Meantime, Syrian troops recaptured a town in the Eastern countryside of the capital Damascus, as part of the Syrian Army’s wide-scale operations to dislodge the foreign-backed rebels from the Eastern rim of the capital.

The Syrian troops’ recapture of Htaitet Jarash town came in tandem with the troops’ advancement in Damascus’ Eastern suburb of Jobar, where intense battles have been raging for over a week.

The recapture of Htaitet Jarash enables the Syrian troops to cut the rebels’ supply lines between rebel-held towns of Jisrin and Zibdin in the Eastern countryside of Damascus.

Also, the Syrian army continued its advances against the foreign-backed militants in Damascus countryside, and inflicted heavy losses upon them.

Army troops continued their operations against militant groups in the direction of the areas of Zibdin and Hteitet al-Jersh and expanded their grip in the Eastern Ghouta, killing scores of militants.

Elsewhere, the Syrian Army gained the upper hand over the militants in the countryside of Homs and claimed the lives of scores of them in a series of fresh operations on Saturday.

A military source told the Syrian Arab new agency that the army thwarted two attempts of infiltration by the foreign-sponsored rebels from Rajem al-Kaser towards Um Jamea and between the villages of Asmid and Abu al-Alaya in the Eastern countryside of Homs.

During the operations, the army killed a number of terrorists including Mohammad Fahed al-Mesteb, nicknamed al-Kit, and wounding many others.

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