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Syria: Besieged Terrorists in Homs Threaten to Surrender in 48 Hours

Besieged-Militants-in-Homs-Threaten-to-Surrender-in-48-HoursThe armed terrorists, who are under the Syrian army’s siege in Homs in the Central parts of the Muslim country, in a statement warned their comrades in other parts of Syra that if they do not receive help in the next 48 hours, they will surrender the city to the army.
In the statement on Wednesday, the militants said that the Syrian army has offered them to surrender and lay down their arms to escape death.
They said that after 2 years of siege they are in a difficult situation due to the shortage of military equipment, weapons and foodstuff.
The besieged militants reiterated that if they are not provided with help within next 24 hours they will have no option but surrendering themselves to the army in the next 48 hours.
On Sunday, 233 gunmen turned themselves in and handed their weapons over to Syrian authorities in several areas in Homs.
A local source said that the gunmen are from Deir-Baalbeh, al-Rastan, al-Zohouriyeh, al-Jdeideh al-Sharqyieh and al-Freglos and have turned themselves in with the endeavors of National Reconciliation Committees.
Earlier this month, 43 gunmen from the neighborhoods of the old city of Homs gave themselves up and handed over their weapons to authorities.
Source: Farsnews

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