Syria: Army Takes Full Control of Strategic Hill in Idlib Countryside

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13930304000748_PhotoI-300x175The Syrian army regained full control over a strategic hill in the Northwestern parts of the country on Sunday.
The militants were pushed back from Ma’ar Tabyee strategic hill in the Eastern parts of Jebel Al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside.
The Syrian army’s control over the strategic hill cuts the supply route of the militants to Saraqeb and Ariha countrysides.
The Syrian army can now control all movements of the militants in Jebel Al-Arbaeen and Al-Qormid and also bring the terrorists’ concentration centers in Kafr Lateh, Na’ar Belit and Majd Lya under fire.
Last week in Idlib province, army units targeted militants’ gatherings in the villages of Maarzaf, Nahleh, Bennish and Bakfaloun, killing many and injuring many others.
The army also targeted rebels’ positions in the villages of Om Sahrij, Abo Hawadid and Kharijeh in the province.


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