Syria army preparing for offensive in Qalamoun

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435da92f4c760249b5649c1d6666149e_L (1)The Syrian army is to launch a major offensive against a few remaining areas held by foreign-backed militants in the Qalamoun mountains near the Lebanese border.
An unnamed Syrian security source said on Monday that the army would carry out the operation in south and northwest of the town of Yabroud, which came under full control of the Syrian forces on Sunday.
The strategic southwestern town was considered the last major stronghold of the foreign-backed terrorists.
The national Syrian flag was raised on Monday morning in the main square of the town.
The takeover of Yabroud will cut supply lines of the militants. The advance is a major gain for the Syrian army, which has been engaged in a fierce battle against the foreign-backed militants for three years.
According to observers, the seizure of the town will affect the situation in Syria, Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories.
Forces loyal to the government of President Bashar al-Assad have already regained control of the town of al-Zareh following days of skirmishes with militants in the central province of Homs.


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