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Syria army crush militants in Lattakia, Daraa, Homs

Syria army crush militants in Lattakia, Daraa, HomsSyrian military forces have inflicted heavy blows on foreign-backed insurgents in continuing operations against militant attempt to regain ground in liberated areas in the outskirts of key cities of Lattakia, Daraa and Homs.
As part of the operations across the country throughout Sunday, government army units targeted insurgent staging areas with heavy artillery fire in al-Kouz Mountains and al-Nisser Mountains in the northern suburbs of Lattakia, inflicting major losses on their forces, state news agency SANA reported.
Citing a military source, the report further added that other army units destroyed militant hideout in the towns of Tafas, Nassib, al-N’eimeh and Enkhel and in the vicinity of the National Hospital in Nawa in the countryside of Daraa province, killing and wounding numerous insurgents.
Meanwhile, government armed forces also staged an operation in the outskirts of Homs, thwarting an attempted intrusion by the insurgents into the village of al-Dwair from the nearby al-Ghasbiyeh village and inflicting heavy losses on the armed militants.
Insurgent staging areas in Homs countryside villages of al-Dar al-Kabira, Bait Kaswat in Talbiseh to the east of Ounk al-Hawa and Abu Hawadit were also targeted by Syrian troops, leaving many militant elements dead or injured.
Also in Quneitra countryside, near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, Syrian army units killed and injured a number of intruding insurgents in al-Dawayeh al-Saghira village near Tal al-Hara and thwarted an infiltration attempt by the armed militants into a military checkpoint in the village and into Ein al-Basha village.
The continuing operations against the armed insurgents by Syrian army units have forced many militant gangs to flee across the border to Turkey and Lebanon.

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