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Syria: 57 Detainees released in Deir Ezzur under amnesty decree

43171bae1804259f26c39405df228f4a_L (1)Attorney General in Deir Ezzur Kamal Dagher said Wednesday that 57 prisoners were released as per the general amnesty decree.
A recent legislative decree had been issued whereby a general amnesty was granted for crimes committed prior to June 9, 2014.
Dagher told SANA that the releasing of new batches of detainees will continue after studying their cases to include all those who benefit from the amnesty.
Earlier, 46 detainees were released based on the amnesty decree in Deir Ezzur during the current month.
Nearly a thousand people in Damascus alone have benefitted from the decree, with 959 detainees fully benefitting from the decree, meaning that they had been released, while 240 benefitted partially, meaning that they had their sentences reduced.
The total figure of those who benefitted under the decree reached 158 in Lattakia, 63 in Sweida, 63 in Tartous, and 108 in Aleppo, according to attorneys -general of each respective province.

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