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Sunni Lebanese cleric stresses necessity of Unity for standing against U.S

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Head of the Islamic Al-Tohid Movement stressed, “as Islamic and religious organizations, our role is to talk about commonalities not conflicts and disputes.”

Head of the Islamic Al-Tohid Movement, Sheikh Balal Saeid Shaban in an exclusive interview with Taqrib News Agency (TNA), on the sideline of the international Conference of Islamic World Scholars in Defense of Palestine Resistance, which was recently held in Iran Capital city of Tehran underscored Muslims need unity for stopping the enemies in spilling innocent peoples’ blood.

Sheikh Balal Saeid Shaban stressed the role of religious clerics to put accentuation on commonalities among Muslims and shared principles they are abide by.

Head of the Islamic Al-Tohid Movement leveled criticism at those centers which spread hatred among Muslims instead of promulgating the culture of friendship and kindness.

Beckoned to the Union of Islamic Clerics in Defence of Palestine Resistance, the programs forwarded by the union and the circle of it should be expanded.

The two day international Conference of Islamic World Scholars in Defense of Palestine Resistance brought once again brought the issue of Palestinian’s resistance against the regime of Zionism to the fore, directing attentions to the top issue in the Islamic World. It was an opportunity for urging clerics and Islamic scholars to open dialogue and sit at talks so as to exchange their takes and thoughts.

Without prevaricating in answering the reporters’ questions, the participants in the event stressed the standing problems in Muslim countries are derived from their lack of unity. They underscored that religious clerics should have probity and high morals. To them, Increasing propinquity among Muslims is a must which requires prodigious effort.

Clerics in the event also slammed regime of Zionism with its terrible proclivity and propensity for violence. To them, as to the regime, although Western countries profess to be human right defendant while their acts run counter to their words.

They underscored nothing can propitiate Muslims rage over massacre happening in Palestine and the present Muslims movement against the arrogant is a good omen for the future.

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