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SouthFront: Battle for Handarat Camp in northern Aleppo becomes do-or-die


In a bid to relieve pressure from southern Aleppo, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Liwa Al-Quds Brigade (Palestinian paramilitary) began a series of attacks yesterday on the highly fortified Handarat Camp in northern Aleppo, resulting in costly close quarter combat with Islamist rebels.

A commander serving in the pro-government Liwa Al-Quds said upwards of 70 insurgents were killed during yesterday’s clashes – this is especially credited to the Russian Air Force bombarding the district overnight. The commander did not specify the SAA’s casualties although it was likely in the dozens as well. He added that some militant groups operating in the neighbourhood were eliminated entirely.

For now, government forces control approximately 30% of the Handarat Camp. The neighbourhood holds significant strategic importance as its capture will enable the SAA to open a second supply route to Aleppo city. The main government supply line to is currentlyhanging by the thread as jihadist forces loyal to Jaish al-Fatah are continuously attacking government positions in southern Aleppo.

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