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Social affairs minister: Aid convoys set off to Deir Ezzor within days

20140322-212035_h534675 (1)Minister of Social Affairs, Kinda al-Shammat said humanitarian aid convoys are planned to set off to Deir Ezzor in a matter of days as the governorate has been under months-long siege by terrorist groups.
Meeting the relief sub-committee in the province Saturday, al-Shammat stressed importance of coordination between charities and government bodies and working according to accurate databases to ensure that humanitarian aid gets to those in need.
250 wheelchairs and an ambulance will be sent to the Red Crescent branch in the governorate, she said.
The minister stressed the importance of invigorating psychological and social support programs and tacking the negative psychological effects of war on women and children.
She stressed during her meeting with the Red Crescent board of directors the importance of expanding its work through increasing the number of aid distribution centers and establishing new medical centers.
During a ceremony to honor mothers of martyrs and wounded citizens in Deir Ezzor, al-Shammat underscored the role f mothers in spreading amity and tolerance in society.
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