Sheikh Isa Qassim undergoes another surgery in London

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Bahrain’s highest religious authority Sheikh Isa Qassim underwent an operation on his eye at a London hospital on Thursday evening.

According to the team tasked with overseeing his health, the latest surgery is due to be followed by other operations on both eyes.

The team has not yet disclosed details about Sheikh Qassim’s condition or what exactly the 80-year-old is being treated for.

He was discharged from hospital late last month but it was reported at the time that he would return for regular check-ups.

Upon arriving in the British capital on July 9, the ailing cleric was quickly hospitalized before undergoing his first operation.

Rights campaigners have blamed Manama for Sheikh Qassim’s deteriorating health, accusing the regime of denying him access to proper medical care as he spent more than a year living under house arrest.


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