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Senior Syrian officials cast their votes in presidential elections

20140603-140327_h548267Senior Syrian officials headed to polling stations at various state institutions to cast their ballots in the elections to choose a presidnet for Syria.
Vice-President Najah al-Attar cast her vote, stressing that the Syrian people reflect, through participating in the presidential elections, “a firm will and greater belief in the homeland.”
Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham cast his ballot at the voting center in the Assembly’s building, accompanied by Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee at the Iranian Shura Council, Head of the Iranian –Syrian Friendship Association, Alaa Eddin Broujerdi, who is at the top of an Iranian delegation observing the election process at Syria’s invitation.
After casting vote, Speaker al-Laham said, “Syrian citizens have said their word outside Syria, and now they are saying it inside Syria… they will choose their president whom they find eligible to be a president at this critical time.”
Al-Laham stressed that this day will be a celebration for democracy and a beginning for political pluralism, adding that Syria will emerge from the crisis victorious.
For his part, Broujerdi stressed that the Syrian Arab people are voting today freely and they will choose their president and decide Syria’s destiny, pointing out that the US will not be able to threaten Syria after this step because the Syrian people rallied around the president of the republic and they will not allow any foreign intervention in Syria’s affairs.
Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said in a statement prior to voting at the polling center of Cabinet HQ that today is historical in the Syrians’ lives and the Syrian people’s will is the one to determine the future of the country.
Premier al-Halqi said that the elections are witnessing wide turnout, adding that no one in the entire world can prevent the Syrians from drawing the future of their country.
Meanwhile, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem cast vote for the presidential election at the Cabinet election center.
Al-Moallem said in a statement “No one grants legitimacy except the Syrian people,” hailing the Syrian people’s massive turnout to the ballot boxes.
“The Syrians register today their free will in democratic, transparent elections to elect who will lead them in the future,” al-Moallem added.
He greeted the Syrian people who marched to the ballot boxes on this historic day, saying “No one can impose his will on the Syrian people.”
Al-Moallem added that Syria begins today to return to rebuilding, making national reconciliation and go ahead in the political solution track to solve the crisis.
Interior Minister Mohammad al-Shaar, while casting his ballot at one of the polling stations in the Interior Ministry, said the presidential vote “is the most important event in Syria’s modern history as it provides a passage towards safety, stability and reconstruction.”
Chief of the Higher Judicial Committee for Elections, members of the Committee and Minister of Justice cast their votes at the election center of the Ministry of Justice in Damascus.
Minister of Defense Fahd Jasem al-Freij and the Army’s Chief of Staff, Major General Ali Abdullah Ayoub also cast their votes at the General Command ballot center in Damascus.
Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Minister of Local Administration Omar Ibrahim Ghalawanji, said that the Syrian people, army and leadership have showed resolve to continue building the country regardless of any attempts of foreign interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis said that the Syrians, who faced the biggest global conspiracy, have won by their awareness and adherence to national unity and support to the Syrian army.
Justice Minister: Voting process is under supervision of Higher Judicial Committee
Minister of Justice Najm Hamad al-Ahmad said that “I’m participating in these elections as all other Syrians, the elections are being carried out under the supervision of the Higher Juridical Committee”.
He stressed that the huge turnout indicates the Syrians’ willingness and resolve to confront and defeat terrorism.
Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Khodr Orfali said that the Syrians are showing through voting their support to their leadership and army.
Ministers of agriculture, Labor, Higher Education, Heath, Internal Trade and housing and Urban Development are participated in the voting.
Senior officers cast their votes for Presidential elections too.

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