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Senior Iranian MP Calls for Establishment of Fact-Finding Committee to Probe, Identify ISIL Sponsors

Senior MP Calls for Establishment of Fact-Finding Committee to Probe, Identify ISIL Sponsors

A senior Iranian lawmaker called for setting up a fact-finding committee to probe into the creation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group and unveil its sponsors to the world.
“The roots of the formation of the ISIL should be studied through a fact-finding committee and the creators of this terrorist group should go under the spotlight,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Saleh Jokar told FNA on Sunday.

He underlined the need to collect and confiscate all documents related to the formation and development of the ISIL as well as their advances in Syria and Iraq, and said, “The future generation should know the real supporters of the ISIL.”

Jokar noted that the West does not intend to suppress the ISIL, and said, “The West is trying to create critical conditions in the Muslim world and they are now thinking of suppressing the ISIL merely because their interests in Iraq’s Kurdistan are at risk.”

In similar remarks yesterday, several international law experts underlined that the western states with parliamentary and congressional approvals for financial and weapons aids to the terrorist groups should stand trial for their complicity in the genocide and ethnic cleansing which has been done by the ISIL (also known as ISIS and IS) and other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq.

“Finding the founders of the ISIL and setting up a tribunal to punish them is a human duty and among the missions envisaged in the UN Charter,” political expert Mehdi Mottaharnia told FNA.

He said the inhuman and fearsome violence exercised by ISIL shown in footages on the social media at times set an instance of the flagrant violation of human rights, which need to be addressed by the international community.

Yet, Mottaharnia believes that the ISIL is an instrument used by the western intelligence bodies to push the regional nations towards the West, specially the US, to ask for help.

He said the US is using extremist groups to create a feeling of disgust for religion among the public and incite them to call for the separation of the state from the church in the Middle-East region.

Political expert Mohammad Sadeq Koushki said there is no need to set up a committee to find the culprits behind the ISIL terrorist group, as just a look at the statements made by the different states and parties in the region and the ISIL’s orientation and direction of attacks reveal who are the masters of this group.

“There is no need to establish a fact-finding commission when the Zionist regime officials state very explicitly that they don’t feel threatened by the ISIL,” he said, reminding that everyone in the Middle-East has been hurt by the ISIL except for the Zionists.

“If we base our judgment on a cost and benefit rationale, then we can readily come to realize that the US and the Zionist regime have made the most benefit from the appearance of the ISIL in the last 6 years, while the most harm and loss has been sustained by the world of Islam,” he said.

Yet, Dr. Tavakkol Habibzadeh who is a senior international law expert believes that prosecuting the US and the White House leaders on charges of creating, or organizing the ISIL and complicity in its actions, including genocide and ethnic cleansing, might be a cumbersome task under the present international law.

He reminded the United States’ continued role in supporting militia and rebel groups in different parts of the world in the last several decades, and said many countries have tried to prosecute the US statesmen for this role, but they have failed.

He said international law requires two criteria to prosecute a state in such cases, which include overall control and effective control.

The senior international law expert reminded the US administration’s logistical and military support for the Nicaraguan rebels in the 80s, and said when the Nicaraguan government lodged a complaint against the US at the international court of justice, they couldn’t finish the job to take Washington to a tribunal.

He said although the US acknowledged its role in equipping, training and extending logistical support for the rebels, it was never convicted.

Yet, the expert said linking the ISIL to certain US officials could be a better option as it will be more practical.

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