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Senior Emir of ISIL Surrenders amid Rapid Advances of Syrian Gov’t Forces at Border with Lebanon



Ahmad Vahid al-Abd, a notorious field commander of ISIL, surrendered to the Syrian Army troops and Hezbollah after the terrorist group suffered heavy defeats in battle with the government forces in Western Qalamoun heights on Saturday.

The Syrian soldiers and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters continued their operation in al-Jarajeer and Qareh heights in Western Qalamoun and imposed full control over Harf Makbash, Tal Masideh, Wadi al-Hamra, Khirbet al-Hamra, Sho’abh Beit Omar’ei, Qal’at al-Hammam, Harf Wadi Farah, Ra’as Sho’abah Maqarah, Qarnah Shamis Dawar Khanjar, Sho’abah al-Sowqi, Wadi Dawar Khanjar, Shamis al-Zamrani and Thanaya al-Hariq heights.

The army men and Hezbollah combatants, meantime, imposed full control over the strategic Mount al-Mosul in al-Brij Heights overlooking Fikheh and Mira passageways after hours of heavy fighting with ISIL.

Several groups of ISIL surrendered to the Syrian pro-government forces deployed in al-Zamrani passageway that is under the army’s control now after the latters’ advances in Western Qalamoun.

In the meantime, Ahmad Vahid al-Abd, the ISIL’s commander in al-Zamrani, along with his forces, handed over their arms and equipment and surrendered to the army.

Earlier reports said that the army men and Hezbollah fighters, backed up by artillery units’ heavy fires, continued their advances and imposed control over Wadi Mas’oud, Wadi Abu Khazir heights in al-Jarajeer.

In the meantime, the Syrian pro-government forces tool control of Sho’aba Sarour, Qabr al-Asrali and Khirbet al-Eileh regions in Qareh heights after hours of heavy fighting with ISIL.

The army and Hezbollah further advanced against ISIL-held regions in al-Arqoub region and Rabiyeh (hill) al-Nahash in Qareh heights.

The Syrian government forces, meantime, advanced toward the strategic Halmat Qareh region at the border with Lebanon.

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