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Security Forces Foil Terrorists’ Plot in Iran



The Iranian security forces defused the plan of a terrorist cell that sought to conduct sabotage acts against the country.

“The security forces’ intelligence superiority during a specialized and precise operation led to discovering and foiling the plot of an anti-revolutionary terrorist grouplet to carry out explosions and terrorist acts,” the intelligence ministry announced in a statement on Saturday.

The statement said the terrorist cell has a record of killing thousands of innocent Iranian people and conducting espionage operations for the foreign states, but declined to name the group.

It also mentioned that a large number of different explosive devices and equipment were discovered and seized from the terrorists.

The development came after Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alavi announced last Monday that the country’s security forces have dismantled and clamped down on 75 terrorist groups in the past three years, seizing magnetic bombs and suicide vests from them.

“Last (Iranian) year (ended on March 20), 30 terrorist teams which sought to carry out terrorist operations were identified and clamped down and during the two years before the last year, 45 terrorist teams were identified and disbanded,” Alavi said in an interview with the state-run TV.

He said that 108 magnetic bombs, 15 suicide vests and tens of roadside bombs were discovered and seized from the terrorist groups in the past three years.

Alavi also said that a group which plotted to create tensions during the presidential election time (due to be held on May 19) was identified and dismantled.

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