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Sayyed Ammar Hakim: Iraq liberation from Daesh (ISIL) terrorists duty of Iraqis

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Head of Iraq Islamic Supreme Council Sayyed Ammar Hakim said on Saturday that liberation of Iraq occupied territories from the clutch of Daesh terrorists is the duty of the Iraqis.

He made the remarks in commemoration anniversary of late Ayatollah Seyed Mohsen Hakim.

Hakim said that whoever wants to offer assistance, it should be delivered to the Iraqi government.

He added that in fight against terrorism, Iraq had been witnessed a lot of progress, and when terrorists intend to create disunity among Iraqi nation, the great nation of Iraq must bolster national solidarity.

Hakim said that the sole roadmap for unity is the government’s plans with approval of the parliament.

All those who took weapons against terrorists, should use it in the framework of law.

The Iraqi official said that the roadmap should be balanced and all political parties must mobilize the national capabilities to drive the terrorrists from the Iraqi territories.

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