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Sayyed Ali Fadlullah: Syria, arena for international avenges



Hujjat-ul-Islam Seyyed Ali Fadhlullah, Friday prayer leader of Beirut, in his weekly sermon referred to Syria as a battle field for regional and international avenges calling Arab and Islamic countries to positively involve in the country and prevent disintegration of Syria.

He also called the Syrian nation to follow solutions which prevents bloodshed and disintegration of the country.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Fadhlullah called Al Kalifa regime to end the diplomacy of crisis making in Bahrain counting dissolution of Al Wefaq Party and the policy of suffocation against people as these policies.

He said,” Following such policies will distance the country from stability” adding,” Agreement and dialogue among different domestic parties are the sole ways for Bahrain.”

Friday prayer leader of Beirut hailed the resistance group for its perseverance against Zionists and stressed,” Palestinian nation achieved its strength through its defense of freedom, independence, sanctities and Al Aqsa Mosque.”

He called the resistance of other Islamic and Arab countries next to the Palestinian nation as a right for the oppressed group.

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