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Saudi ex-Fighter: Saudis Fight Saudis in Syria, Militants Away from ’Jihad’

Sbeie1Slaiman al-Sbeie, Saudi, is a former ISIL fighter thatSbeie abandoned the militant groups in Syria after he realized that the ‘Jihad’ which they claimed against the regime contradicts with the realities of atonement and internal clashes among them.
The Saudi youth called on all the Saudis not to join the militant groups in Syria because “what they find in reality contradicts with what is conveyed to them via media outlets.
Sbeie added that the militant groups in Syria do not fight the regime, yet atone each other to start internal clashes, as between ISIL and Nusra or between other groups.
What is more dangerous is that the Saudis are fighting the Saudis in Syria, according to Sbeie.
He also pointed out that the largest number of foreign militants are Tunisians.

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